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VIEWS : "Political Landscaping - Maintaining Some Presidential Weed Control" | January/February/March/April 2021

As I wash my hands for the 10th time, it is difficult to think of anything political but this pandemic - with the possible exception of a good cheeseburger. But now with Election Day having come and gone, and the year of Decision/Indecision 2020 finally crossing the finish line, I have decided I still don't know enough about the way current politics is handled to move in an informed direction. For instance, did the Secret Service have to take the first hit of the doobie Melia was smoking at Lollapalooza way back when… just for added national security? Then there is the uproar about our political candidates' sexual indiscretions. But see, I thought it was a prerequisite to be president, having tendencies to indecently approach and then grope members of the opposite (or even the same) gender… Right? And obviously, I missing it on the whole police profiling thing. Thinking that officers don't need to pull over alleged criminals at large based on their physical description...I mean..I Know - What exactly was I thinking? Oh yeah, I know what it was - what’s with the two tubs in the Cialis commercial? Is soaking individually something we all should be striving for in our relationships, or will we get so overly excited taking the pills that we need to be physically separated? Actually, I guess with all this social distancing protocol, maybe they should be farther apart(?) Whatever the case bruh, I definitely can’t figure it all out in the new year. I’m way too busy binge watching shows in syndication, that I had less than no interest in when they were originally on the air. Stay Healthy And Keep The American Dream Alive People :). - SJ

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NEWS : "I Just Want Someone I Can Talk To - I'll Take You Just The Way You Might Be" | January/February/March/April 2021

In times like these, we all seem to wrestle with our own existential philosophy. Though I usually get pinned very early in my bouts, I still want to elaborate about a concept of varying importance in all of our lives - Honesty. It is not only such a lonely word, it actually has a lot of trouble making friends with other words. Like-minded descriptive terms like Humility, Objectivity, and Accountability don't get to attend a lot of parties either. And you can bet that if you are one of those three terms, and you realize that if Honesty does not receive an invitation to the soirée of the year…then the chances of one arriving in your mailbox are about as likely as a real estate tax roll back. But my peeps, I am here to tell you that in a practical sense, Honesty may indeed really be the best policy after all. An old coach I had once told me that you'll never discover how good you could be, until you figure out how much you really suck. And as a result, I've been trying to get out of the suck category for the last three decades. Maybe if some of you had the guts to evaluate things (such as your own resumes) as realistically as possible, you would realize you actually may have been sharing those 30 years of suckhood with me all along. Oh yes. And a few of you have unknowingly been leading the way. As I try to find time to sanitize my way into the studio, and write something that resembles a "listenable" song...Please Stay Healthy And Don't Feel You Are, See How Real You Are :) -SJ

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