Who Is Shajuan?

Well, He's Not Just That Guy That Over Dresses At Benihana...

Having Been Around For Awhile, Shajuan Has Been Called Many Things---> Singer...Songwriter...Fat A**...Producer...Irresponsible...Obsessive...And Of Course, Irresponsible Obsessive Fat A** .

Oh, And Let's Not Forget Useless...But Really Only When He Is Trying To Be Helpful At Benihana, Or Play The Drums. But We Digress...

Here Is What Others Are Saying...After They Finally Realize Who He Is..Or Isn't:

  • "The music business often challenges us to match a voice you first hear with a face you have never seen. Accordingly, when you listen to a Shajuan vocal, it is next to impossible to surmise that the often soulful, always expressive sound you are hearing, is coming from whom you would actually see. A classic archetype; tall, dark, and handsome, Shajuan would likely remind you more of Clark Kent than Stevie Wonder, especially if you hear him play the piano. He's just plain horrible." - Illinois Entertainer
  • "Seemingly whatever the Shajuan vibe...Country, Classic Rock, Reggae, Contemporary Christian, Big Band, Even Musical Theatre..his orchestrations are literally all over the map. However, there always seems to be an R&B influence in nearly every note sung. From hard, funky gospel silky whispery, R&B rich, jazzy bass tones; Shajuan's vocal repetoire covers an immense amount of ground. It is hard to believe that such polished versatility can come from a guy who didn't even know how to make change, let alone sing until he was a college sophomore. Of course, most college sophomores aren't supposed to be 32 years old. This is not a bright man..." - Chicago Tribune
  • "With his developing production capability, his current material, along with this soulful, versatile style...Shajuan may not be an artist on the rise to popularity. But then again, the Public streams Kid Rock records by the boatload...So I guess anything is theoretically possible..." - Voyage Chicago
  • "Early in his career, a third place finish in the year end Amateur Competition at N.Y.C.'s world famous Apollo Theatre landed Shajuan return engagements, as one of numerous opening acts for Chuckii Booker, Colonel Abrams, Big Daddy Kane, and David Peaston. He also was able to garner studio session work for legendary producer/writers like Joshua "JT Guitar Icon" Thompson (George Benson, Joe, Alicia Keys, Etc.), and Gordon "Electric Kingdom" Bahary (Stevie Wonder, Ramsey Lewis, Herbie Hancock, Etc.). But before he could do any real damage with his Tupperware sales pitch, or his leechy personality...he usually got banished from the premises." - The Chicago Reader

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Views & News

The Views & News page is the most frequently updated here at due to the idea that it is the only one we actually know how to edit. So let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy this journalistic section of (almost) essential information about the world according to a giant*, pseudo-celebrity* windbag (*once again let's not forget useless).

Views And News: "Covering Up In 2024 / Maintaining Dignity In The New Year While Rocking A Ukelele Version Of Copacabana"

January - February - March - April 2024

What is up my brethren? I'd like to start out the New Year with some unsolicited advice from a sometimes funky resident musical senior citizen - and yes I do mean Yours Truly. No...Really. Well…anyway, I am addressing the cross section of musical performers that seek to avoid playing cover tunes like they are so many strains of dysentary. As if playing "Sweet Caroline" at a given gig is some sort of sell out, or comprimise to some pre-existing musical commandments. Well, to all you Archbishops out there - To start off… most of what you are "complaining" about is really a matter of simple supply and demand. For instance, if you are looking for a job as a rodeo clown, but you are also qualified to be a network administrator… Which job do you think you are likely to land first? It's not that every musician other than you, sits at home just Jonesing to play in a cover band. It's more that, if you want to play out, overwhelmingly…those are the jobs that are the most available. Really. 90%+ of the gigs out there specifically REQUEST cover music. And the other 10% or so, if you can find them, may not be worth your time and effort due to geography, compensation, safety, or all of the above. Believe me, I'm over 50, and I've seen what's out there. And secondly… What makes a great original band? What makes a bar or a venue owner want to bring an original band onto their stage versus a cover band? Because that is the bottom line…Logically, the only way an original band gets to play the average venue (that is… if there are venues out there that don't mind giving original bands an opportunity), is to play out enough publicly in the venues that will allow you to do so….and build a following. I mean, do you think any venue in any town in America wouldn't want to have John Mayer play their room? Sure they would. First off, John Mayer IMHO is a great musician. But at one point, John Mayer, by his own admission, struggled to find places to play his original music. So what did he do? He played covers…And then sequenced his original music in between the covers. And he still does. Yes. We likely have to compromise if we want the rest of the world to help us satisfy our need to be unique. And it is an age old concept. Now…Are there bands that never made that compromise? Sure. But I guarantee you they are a minority percentage. Once again, I don't disagree with you conceptually. I personally love writing original music, and performing it as well. And would love to do it for a living. But I grudgingly realized a long time ago… whether you have two left proverbial feet or not - If You Want To Be Invited To The Dance, You May Have To Learn To Tango. So Don't Be A Pain - Entertain - SJ :)

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The Media Section Involves The Idea That Shajuan Is Actually Responsible For A Poorly Ventilated Warehouse Full Of Music, Literature, And Performances On Stage And Screen...And Most Of It His Own Creation (Yeah...So What ?)


Well For Some Reason, Some Of It May Be Of Interest To A Few Or Maybe Even One Of You.

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The Tour Stop Area Is A Relatively Deep History Of Mostly Impromptu Performances From Shajuan...Which Is Really More Threatening Than Most Of Us Realize. Maybe Some Of You Caught One Of These. If So, Just Leave Your Address, And We Will Refund Your Cover..Minus The Delivery Fees.

With The Legendary J.P. & Jenny At The South Barrington Bar And Grill On Saturday October 9th In Historic South Barrington, Illinois. Your Patience, Cat Calls, And Unmentionables Were Appreciated :)

J.P. And Jenny

South Barrington Club

With The Legendary Margaret Murphy Webb At Benny's Chop House On Saturday August 27th In Historic Chicago, IL. Your Patience, Cat Calls, And Unmentionables Were Appreciated :)

Margaret Murphy Webb

Benny's Chop House

With The Legendary Orchestra 33 At The Cedar Rapids Ice Arena And Grill On Saturday June 20th In Historic Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Your Patience, Cat Calls, And Unmentionables Were Appreciated :) .

Orchestra 33

Cedar Rapids Ice Arena

With The Legendary Blue Olives At The House Of Blues On Saturday April 23rd In Historic Chicago, Illinois. Your Patience, Cat Calls, And Unmentionables Were Appreciated :)

Blue Olives

House Of Blues Chicago

With The Legendary Cast Of Guys Like Musicals Too - A Cabaret At Cafe 410 On Saturday February 19th In Historic Highwood, Illinois. Your Patience, Cat Calls, And Unmentionables Were Appreciated :)

Guys Like Musicals Too-A Cabaret

Club 410

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