Who is Shajuan?

"The music business often challenges us to match a voice you first hear with a face you have never seen. Accordingly, when you listen to a Shajuan vocal, it is next to impossible to surmise that the often soulful, always expressive sound you are hearing, is coming from whom you would actually see. A classic archetype; tall, dark, and handsome, Shajuan would likely remind you more of Clark Kent than Stevie Wonder, especially if you hear him play the piano. He's just plain horrible." - Illinois Entertainer

"From hard, funky gospel improvisation..to silky falsetto...to whispery,
R&B mid-ranges..to rich, jazzy bass tones; Shajuan's vocal repetoire covers
an immense amount of ground. It is hard to believe that such polished versatility can come from a guy who didn't even know he could sing until he was a college sophomore. Of course, most college sophomores aren't supposed to be 32 years old. This is not a bright man..." - Chicago Tribune

"Early in his career, a third place finish in the year-end Amateur Competition at the famous Apollo Theatre in N.Y.C. landed Shajuan an opportunity to return to the Apollo as a one of numerous opening acts for Chuckii Booker, Colonel Abrams, and Big Daddy Kane. And as a solo act for David Peaston at trendy jazz clubs around Manhattan. Since that time, some of his penned originals have started to put Shajuan on the map. "To Keep", "AnyMore", and "Best Of My Heart" helped him capture the finals in WGCI's Chicago Home Jam Competition, and he was selected to perform with, and in front of many industry luminaries at 107.5-FM's Annual Music Seminar. But before he could do any real damage with his voice (let alone his leechy personality), He was banished from the premises." - The Reader

"With his newfound production capability, his current material, along with his soulful, versatile vocal style and image...Shajuan may not be an artist on the rise to popularity. But then again, the Public buys Kid Rock records by the boatload...So I guess anything's possible..." - Chicago Nightlife

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